• Akewi Agbaye Akekoo AkokaUhgshhhSo ugly
    This beautiful lad
    Very fertile
    This barren land
    Naughty, naughty
    You are cool headedly mad

    My car is on the hanger
    I came by air in boat
    After destroying my plane in anger
    Am left on land and water both
    My legs do not like to stagger
    Though, stupidly I am mad

    I am awake
    From my sleepless thought
    Who here can rake
    All I have been taught
    By my habit lake?
    You think, I am really mad

    What sense got you above
    Nonsense jammed together
    By a man with madness in love
    Not yet at the point altogether
    But may very soon evolve
    Please, warn him against hard drug, harder

    Mad ones are bad
    Addicts are worse
    Madness may get a cure
    Addiction is hardly cured
    Smoking is dangerous, sure
    Smokers are liable to die young, lad

    This drug is hard
    It will only get you weak
    Your beautiful skin goes ughshh
    Your sharp memory gets dull
    You ughshh and ughshh and ughshh
    Until you get to a point marked “mad”

    #LEARNERSPEN @ #poeticwednesday
    8th Rajab, 1438 (13/4/17)


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