HEART TO HEART "Its not too late To make haste Though death I taste From my waste You can still make a paste Though Death is in haste" "I am not alive You did not survive Spare me some life All the waste Is already a paste Make a haste, My life She made a... Continue Reading →



MY FATHER LAND My father land A fertile land Of pastures and grains Legumes and wealthy trees Oh, my father land Rich farmlands but Once upon a time Then, the kings owned some plots And the chiefs harvested crops The poor tilled the soil And living wasnt very tough The mighty hands owned some hoes... Continue Reading →

Just Got Drunk What is this that you talk of And you wrongly name it love As if its some plates of Jollof A mother might give her child A groom a promise to his bride And might even win you a friend But a Yoruba mother once said "Bina jo ni jo omo eni,..."... Continue Reading →


WELCOME PMB! Thanks to God for answering this call Glory be to You Who keep rolling the ball Here comes the man pushed refused to fall Some are sadists Many are racists All their criticism lack standard practice So, many went on an ordinary voice From Naija to London journeyed like mice They rumoured vision... Continue Reading →

Stop Rape

Click! Click!! Click!!! You praised me into it When my brain was too young I dig the soil so deep With my bloody tongue You forced me into it When my limbs were too weak I looked into the sky And prayed it will someday leak That price is my pride You paid? No, you... Continue Reading →

The Great Zoglool

And, suddenly,... Sheikh Mustapha Sunuusi Zoglool This is a Muslim house hold name So interesting that we taught he would forever be We listen to the voice As he makes the call And, suddenly, mute To our questions untouched he listens And, suddenly, the deafness Who is next our quest ears? Great knowledge he displays... Continue Reading →

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